Maintenance & Repair

Compactor maintenance and repair saves time and money.

Just like a car, compactors and balers have many moving parts that require maintenance to keep them working efficiently. Maintenance keeps moving parts from wearing out prematurely, and is the best way to avoid costly compactor repairs and injuries.  Environmental Equipment Services can provide preventative maintenance services that is tailored to each piece of equipment.  At every service call, our factory trained technicians perform an inspection of the entire unit to insure all parts are safe and operational.

 Compactor and baler maintenance includes:

Checking switches and connections for proper operation.

Inspecting and adjusting safety and limit switches, operating pressure, emergency stop, pressure gauges and warning lights.

Evaluating wear points, anchors, wiper blades and follower plates.

Lubricating door hinges and handles, latches and turnbuckles, access gates, motors, tracks and guides.

Checking hydraulic hoses, fittings, and cylinder wear for leaking.

Inspecting unit for applicable OSHA and ANSI standards.

Evaluating physical condition of rollers, seals, and oil.